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Technology Based Design and Manufacturing Services

Aero is uniquely positioned to handle customer manufacturing requirements in precision sheet metal manufacturing and contract assembly.  Our integrated systems enable us to support all phases of manufacturing from procurement to distribution.  This commitment to manufacturing systems and our willingness to quickly adapt to meet the changing requirements of our customers enables us to truly be an extension of their operations. 

Please take a moment to review some of the technology that has been implemented in our operations. We think that you'll find our systems rival those in the best manufacturing facilities in the world. They need to if we are to be competitive in the global market.

Engineering Design:

SolidWorks 2009 is our choice of design software. Utilizing full 3D-Solid Modeling technology, we can fully model our designs to ensure that we seamlessly integrate to CAM software. Metal type and thickness is accounted for to eliminate errors in bend allowances. Automatic unfold of 3D solid drawing to flat pattern eliminates the possibility of error in cut and fold locations. These features eliminate errors and reduce costs for our customers.

 SolidWorks 2009 3D CAD

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Estimating, Quoting, & Shop Floor Control:

E2 Shoptech software enables seamless integration of all aspects of production operations. Enables in-house quote cycle-time target of 24 hours with instant conversion to shop package release upon order placement to minimize lead-time. Software optimization for our specific business requirements can be implemented by on-staff personnel to meet customer requirements. Enhances lean manufacturing methods and is the core structure for ISO certification.

E2 Shoptech

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Computer Aided Manufacturing:

MetalSoft V9.3 CAM software enables seamless integration from CAD software to CNC machine controls. OLE technology integrates directly to SolidWorks 2009 to enable flat pattern generation from 3D solid drawings. Nesting functionality optimizes sheet utilization. Simulation capability ensures accurate set-up and run-time data. The end result of this technology is cost reductions, exacting quality, and short lead-time for our customers.

MetalSoft V9.3 CAM Software

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CNC Laser Cutting and Brake Forming:
Mazak CNC Laser and Warcom CNC Press Brake are state-of-the-art machine tools. Fully integrated with CAM software to implement zero defect manufacturing strategy in cutting and forming. Reduced set-up time and set-up errors are eliminated. High precision brake tooling is in-place to support complex bending operations. The result for our customers is extraordinary quality, reduced cost, and short lead-time.
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Welding and Fabrication:
State-of-art Miller MIG, TIG, and spot welding stations enable us to perform high tolerance welding while minimizing finishing requirements. Specializing in stainless steel fabrication we have specialty grinding and polishing equipment to blend finishes for perfect quality.
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Powder Coating:
Nordson/Blue Surf Powder coating system enables a turn-key solution for our customers. Completely finished products are delivered on-schedule to perfect finish requirements. This saves customers significant time by eliminating outside service steps of received components and fabrications. This enables us to integrate with customers' lean manufacturing systems.
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Contract Assembly:
We perform contract assembly for customers to resolve excessive capacity requirements in their facilities, to reduce their manufacturing cost, to satisfy US content manufacturing requirements, and to manufacture for those who do not have their own manufacturing capability. Our experienced staff enables us to perform electro-mechanical assembly according to exacting specifications and our scheduling system ensures that we perform this workload on-schedule.
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